Self-employed at The Valley of the Sun

The Valley of the Sun has many entrepreneurs who are self employed. You are among them as a Realtor. As you know know very well, it has been a real challenge for self employed borrowers over the years to qualify for mortgages.

The most challenging aspect of the underwriting process for a self employed borrower is the examination of income. Self employed borrowers were required to provide, in most cases, 2 years worth of tax return income to substantiate that their income is consistent.

Good news, we have a Conventional loan program that few lenders use that will in most cases only require 1 year of tax return income. Interest rate is the same as any other conventional loan.

Caveat: the program requires the borrower to be self employed for greater than 2 years.

I will be happy to help you or your clients with any questions on self employed scenarios.


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